Kansas City Bishop Finn’s Appeal Letter Doesn’t Have Much Appeal / National Catholic Reporter

“All the while, sitting in the room, was [Bishop] Finn, perhaps the most glaring contemporary exhibit of the bishops’ total disregard of their own promises of transparency and accountability. Not once was he mentioned, nor was mention made in that meeting of the fact that a sitting bishop had been convicted of a crime that, were he a priest, would disqualify him from ministry. The fine print in the charter — rather the script written in invisible ink — must read: None of the above applies to bishops.” By Tom Roberts, National Catholic Reporter


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  1. #1 by robin madden on November 16, 2012 - 1:17 PM

    Ordination, election, and job title do not make a human anything other than what that human is. It gives a person a role, a responsibility, but it does not make them fulfill duties well or at all. The trappings of the office look so grand and holy. The being inside the fine drapery, assigned to the job, is a human, flawed, full of possibilities and potential, but not necessarily capable. Just like the rest of us.


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